By Meredith Hughes

According to the purveyors of dozens of Medicare Advantage plans, “time is running out!” Sorry, more youthful readers, but this is what has been swamping our mailbox for weeks. Light is dying, too, as the days shorten, but come Solstice, all that will begin to change.

The geraniums, salvias and assorted greenery fatigued from heat and drought that were brought inside a while back now appear grateful for their indoor lives, slurping up fertilizer and putting out blossoms.

Bloom we must! A new business named Hairitage has arrived next to Wild Birds at 10701 Corrales Road. As in all things hair, including eyelashes, and textured hair, as in dreadlocks, a.k.a. locs or dreads, stemming from a term that may have originated when the Brits in the 1950s feared African warriors with such hair.
Locs have been in vogue for millennia in many parts of the world, mind you. Hairitage is owned by Laurie Aragon, an experienced pro with a fan base which likely will follow her to Corrales from her former spot on Lomas. Her crew of five also does ordinary hair saloning, of course, as in cutting and coloring. (505) 268-0748.

About other businesses, new/old/reimagined, word has it the Sandia Bar may well have a rooftop patio in place once it reopens. No signs as yet of Corrales Bistro Brewery emerging under new ownership. LocalMotive, near Corrales Elementary, on hold for many months for lack of Village approval of a liquor
license, is showing signs of life, according to a local. We’ve reached out to the owner.

Local commerce booster Deborah Blank tells us Indigo Crow is the “classy place in the Vill that will impress your East Coast holiday guests,” and it has a fab patio and fireplaces. And she reminds us that Corrales Teas & Chocolates is now offering soup and sandwiches in addition to its T&C.

Arguably the most fun/complicated new biz on Corrales Road is The Farm Stand, the next step in the evolution of Silver Leaf Farms’ drive thru undertaking with Milagro Winery. “We are super excited as this project, begun during and because of COVID, continues to evolve,” as capo Elan Silverblatt-Buser put it
recently. The stand is a coffee shop/wine bar/shop selling veggies and baked goods or will be, and it houses a massive coffee roaster under the guidance of Zach Smith, whose four year old business, Candlestick Coffee Roasters, is now fully under The Farm Stand wing. We had a perfect macchiato there, btw, sitting at one of a few tables created by Corrales wood guru, Rick Thaler of Dendro Technology.

The drive-thru aspect of the Stand right now is a park-and-walk-in affair, just undertaken. At least since we spoke with Elan. “We want to be a place where people can stop in and buy fresh produce—like a shop.” Though its liquor license is in hand, the wine bar part of the project is not yet underway. You can buy bottles of Milagro wine there, however. Come spring, possibly in April, Silver Leaf Farms’ plant starts will be available, sold outside. The Farm Stand sign—Produce-Coffee-Wine, at 4206 Corrales Road—was designed by Sara Smith, Corrales artist back from a lengthy artsy stay in Portugal, who thinks she was selected for her “block print” style. Current hours: 8am to 3pm, Weds.-Sun.. 4206 Corrales Road.

We recently saw a parked vehicle boasting a colorful sticker proclaiming “New Mexicans for Nebraska!” The University of Nebraska football cornhuskers, that is. Naturally, I was enticed to Google the U of N, wherein I discovered it houses “the world’s largest publicly held quilt collection. Established in 1997, the
International Quilt Museum opened a new museum in 2008 and expanded in 2015. The museum’s mission is to build a global collection and audience that celebrate the cultural and artistic significance of quilts.”

Please do get in touch with News-y—gossip, questions, your most bizarre Xmas gift, concerns, upcoming events? Many thanks.


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