By Steve Komadina
A New Year, New Opportunities
We are in eager anticipation for 2021! It is like we think that COVID tells time and follows a calendar! Maybe it follows the Mayan Calendar! January will be no different from December when it comes to COVID risks.

The good news is that there is no evidence that COVID is transmitted by horses! In fact, it is my medical opinion, as a licensed physician to practice in New Mexico, that kissing your horse is not a high-risk behavior! I am currently doing a study to see if having horse manure, on your one-acre minimum lot, decreases the chance of your contracting the COVID virus. Stay tuned… results to follow in subsequent months.

If it proves true, maybe the Village Council and mayor will mandate horse manure on every lot in Corrales! So those of you who moved to Corrales not realizing there were horses, and are irritated by odors or flies…. beware! Manure may be mandated in the future. After all, this is the Horse Capital of New Mexico!

So here we are in the cold months, when breaking ice on horse troughs and using freezing hands to untangle manes and tails, makes us ask ourselves if it is really worth it. But this is common activity for us horse-a-holics. We have a love/hate relationship with the weather and horses.

I will attest, however, that a clear cold day ride in our bosque, breathing in the crisp air, is mucho therapeutic for those blessed enough to own a horse. If you are too old to function in the cold on a horse, lead your horse for a walk on a ditch bank. Watch how your horse takes in the surroundings and follow its ears and eyes as it looks for predators all along the way.

Let your mind wander and take yourself back 150 years to a horseman walking his horse on the way to neighbors to check on their health in the winter and get the latest news from them. It was a quiet time for farmers when January arrived and a time to rest up for the planting in the spring.

Our state legislature met in January because New Mexico was all rural and agriculture except for the commerce of the Santa Fe Trail. In January there was little to do, so the legislature met to govern the State or at that time the Territory. They would arrive in horse and buggy from all over the Territory in the 1870s.
Maybe Corrales was a stopover before the last 45 miles to Santa Fe including the tortuous La Bajada Hill by Cochiti Pueblo. As you lead your horse, let your body and mind slip back in time.Then count your blessings that COVID is the only risk in your life other than the N.M. Legislature, which continues to be an interesting blend of control, egos and patronage.

I am blessed to have a horse to share the winter with. I count my blessings for living today rather than 150 years ago. I am strong enough to accept all around me and focus on my own behavior and live my life the best I know how. I am at peace and happy and my horses add to that wealth of advancing life.

May this be a year to savor and remember and may our neighbors share our love for horses and the horse lifestyle in our magical village.

Here’s to 2021! Let her come. We are ready for whatever happens with a horse to share the journey. See you on the trail!

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