By Steve Komadina
COVID around the Corral

So, what do you do when locked down with your horse? That is an easy one, if you love the human-horse relationship. We find our love grows as we serve and feed and clean and groom. These are all labors of love for our equine partner. You can social distance easily by playing with your horse. Horses love to play. Just watch them in the field as they interact with each other. Then take it a step further, and work on your ground game. What is that, you say? I do not mean mindless lunging. I mean working as a team on the ground. Need help?

There are unlimited YouTube videos showing the things you can do from the ground. If you can do it in the saddle, you can do it on the ground. Can you load your horse by just pointing to the trailer? Can your horse jump obstacles by itself?
Pick your favorite or watch them all for tips. Just search the YouTube site for:
• Downunder Horsemanship with Clinton Anderson;
• The Parelli Method with Pat and Linda;
• Buck Brannaman;
• Monty Roberts;
• Mark Rashid;
• Craig Cameron;
• Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance; and
• Road to the Horse.

Learn to play the games and get inside your horse’s head. Become a true partner and build respect and leadership with this animal who is looking for a leader. You can do it. It is a blessing to be at home with your equine, and we are blessed to have our horses at home when we live in Corrales.

As I have gotten older and find riding harder, I relish the games I have learned to play with my horses. The variety of what I can do to not make them the torture games but true harmony. It can almost be as if you were dancing with your horse and in true harmony.

How can you describe the feeling as you turn to your horse and say sincerely “Was it as good for you as it was for me?” Horses are companions for life and our Queen of England is a perfect example of horsemanship at an advanced age. May we all be so lucky!

Hope to not see you on the trails until the pandemic is over. Stay home and stay safe.

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