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By Steve Komadina
November 3!
Man… I can hardly wait for November third. For 75 years it has been a day I have anticipated with great joy and celebration. I have made it a special day for my horses. We have had a tradition of carrot cake and bran muffins. Apple crunch ice cream and a special salad of alfalfa sprouts and Neat’s foot oil. Wow… It is always a feast and enjoyed by all.

This year we invite all of Corrales to join in the celebration. I would invite you over but there are no public gatherings allowed. I also have a feeling that there may be other things gathering the attention of Corrales (read that America) on November 3. We will just quietly celebrate at the north end of Corrales by switching our tails and nuzzling our pasture mates’ polls.

There is a new horse training style called “TRUST” that we have been working on at our farm, and this will be a good time to do that where we all just lie down in the pasture and relax together. See an incredible video called “I Have A Dream” at watch?v=jDioO6-Trdg produced by James French from England. You can also just search YouTube for James French I Have A Dream. Fascinating! Even non-horse owners will be amazed.

Maybe this will make November 4 a cool, calm and collected day in the pasture and the America that made my ancestors leave all, to chase their dreams. See you on the trail or “trusting” in the pasture.

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