By now, Corralenos should have received a postcard in the mail from the Village of Corrales inviting them to participate in the village’s comprehensive plan survey. A QR code on the card directs recipients to a survey monkey webpage where they can respond to a series of questions covering an array of topics affecting the village. 

Mayor Jim Fahey is urging residents to take the survey. The responses will be used to help develop a Comprehensive Plan, used to guide village administration and the Village Council in its decision-making over the next 10 years.

“Your participation is anonymous, and all answers are 100% confidential,” he wrote in a recent “Mayor’s Message” emailed to constituents and other interested parties each week. 

 “With your help, the Comprehensive Plan will provide vision, direction, and a defined achievable future for the Village by establishing specific goals and strategies.” 

The survey, which takes about 20 minutes to complete, covers such topics as land use and development, housing, economic development, public services, and the village’s artistic, cultural, historic, and agricultural identity. 

“This is your village, and your opinion matters!” he exclaimed. 

If you didn’t relieve the postcard in the mail or might have thrown it out, the link to the survey is

Or, you can pick up a paper copy of the survey at the Village Administration Building, 4324 Corrales Road, or at the Corrales Community Library, 84 W. La Entrada Road.

The survey’s first question asks if you’re a Corrales resident. It then dives into asking how much you value such features as the small-town character, recreation areas, equestrian activities, public safety and others.

More in-depth questions follow. For instance, Question 7 is all about public safety, asking about crime, speed enforcement, police and fire department response times and the like.

As a 10-year plan, the survey asks respondents their level of support for potential projects, including the proposed Multi-Use Facility on the Jones property (see story at left). 

The survey is just one part of the comprehensive planning process. A committee chaired by Chris Allen has spent the last few months meeting and conducting interviews with dozens of community stakeholders. They’ve met with village officials in each department; members of the arts, equestrian, and agricultural communities; service clubs, non-profit groups and village partners.

Over the past month, each village councilor held a meeting of residents in their respective districts to hear directly from them.

The Comprehensive Plan Review Committee has also been meeting a couple times a month to coordinate what has truly been a comprehensive effort to collect information. The agenda for a Nov. 2 meeting after the Comment’s deadline included an update on the comprehensive plan survey, a discussion about how focus group meetings have gone so far and the approach with future focus groups. The committee also heard a report on outreach opportunities.

The outreach now is geared toward getting people to respond to the survey. The deadline to complete the survey is Monday, Nov. 27.

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