The Village’s new animal shelter building that was initially scheduled to open in early October won’t be ready until around the first of the year.

Village Clerk Melanie Romero told the village council at its Oct. 24 meeting that the shelter had been red tagged, lacking some of the required permits to complete the work. She estimated it would be another eight weeks before the state of New Mexico signed off on the permits. Then, it would take some additional time to complete the work..

Romero, who served as project manager on the building’s installation, said the building still needed to be stuccoed and some walls may have to be removed to complete the plumbing. She said a “safe” estimate for the opening would be around the first of the year.

The shelter is intended to be a temporary shelter for stray dogs and cats. The animals would be held there for a few days before efforts were made to have them fostered or otherwise taken into the care of animal rescue groups.

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