I wanted to address the so-called “horse problem.”

In my opinion, this is not a horse problem. It’s a human problem.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to panic stop or pull hard right to avoid an accident with speeders. I live off of Camino San Francisco; I call it the SF 500. In my experience, people speeding is the overwhelming cause of horse-car or truck accidents in Placitas.

Let me expand my thesis: If a speeder hit one of the many people who walk the roads, would that be a “walker problem”? Of course not. It was the uncaring, reckless speeder, the same with the horses.

So why do you and others refer to this as a “horse problem” when clearly it’s a human speeder problem? Why not campaign for more of a Sheriff’s Office presence, speed bumps or wider roads, rather than blame the ones who are the most innocent in this entire scenario, the horses?

The complainers are in my estimation the very same speeders who want the right to blast down the narrow roads at whatever speed they wish. Address the root of the problem, not the victims.

To further bolster my beliefs with regard to human behavior, why are there numerous accidents on the S curve? Who in their right mind would pass on a triple S curve? In my opinion, the very same people who speed and complain about the horses being on the road. They don’t want to be held accountable to be held up one minute.

Dean Alexander


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