A 38-year-old man was robbed by a woman at gunpoint of his gold chain (or chains) and his cellphone at his Corrales home during the early morning hours on Dec. 1.

According to a Corrales Police Department incident report, the man met the woman at a downtown Albuquerque gentlemen’s club and the two exchanged phone numbers.

About 5:30 the next morning, the man received a call from the woman, asking him if he wanted to “hang out.”

The man agreed and soon thereafter the woman arrived at his home, dropped off by someone driving a silver car. 

After entering the home, the woman pulled a silver 9-millimeter handgun and demanded that the man, “Give me your sh**!”

She left the home with his “gold neck chain/s” and cellphone, according to the report. There’s no mention of money or anything else of significant monetary value being taken from the home. 

The woman then was picked up by the silver car and left the area, the victim told police. He said it was too dark to get a description of the car or its license plate.

He described the suspect as white or Hispanic, blonde, and wearing dark pants and a white fur-lined coat.

The man said he might be able to track the location of his cellphone once his IPad was charged.

Police provided him with a statement form and asked him to fill it out and return it to the village police station.

Corrales police say that after two weeks they had not heard back from the victim.

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