The adorable “lesser Goldfinches,” a name with which I take issue, are eating
every Nyjer seed I can afford and more….as the temperature plummets. In the
past, I seem to recall their leaving for a few weeks as cold hit, but now I am
honor bound to keep them going. Ravens fly in low from the river each morning,
and Canada geese huddle in nearby fields, as the cranes peer about between

After learning of a fully vaxxed friend who popped into a hospital, I am
reordering masks. In case you missed this report from Mayor Fahey via Fire
Commander Tanya Lattin: “The State has had a 63.8% increase in COVID-19
cases in recent days…. Corrales is getting one lab case per day. This is
an undercount, and we are seeing asymptomatic people test positive in the
Village. Based on treatment numbers, the actual cases are about five times
more than the state reported cases.” Sandoval County has a “high” case level
per recent data. For updates, visit this CDC COVID Data Tracker:

On a lighter note, have you noticed the evaporation of “ly” on words used in
slogans? Kirkland Federal Credit Union is urging me via billboards to “Live
Confident.” Say what? Fortunately, “I cannot bring to mind the other examples
which rankle me,” she said, confidently.

A confident local, Melanie Ann Stansbury, held on to her seat in the House
of Representatives in DC during this month’s election, a seat she was elected to after Deb Haaland became Secretary of the Interior. As noted by Corrales’ Terry Eisenbart, “She is a ‘home girl’ who attended Corrales Elementary School and Cibola, and whose mother still resides here. Stansbury really cares about Corrales. And, one of her key areas of expertise is water. What a fit! We are so fortunate to have her.”

Further good fortune and good deeds come to us via Seed2Need. According to
Peg Feibig, Seed2Need project lead along with Pat Mehlhop, Corrales’
volunteer organization raised and donated a remarkable 35,887 pounds of
produce, almost all veggies, to five different food banks in 2022. This included
broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, squash, melons, tomatoes, chile peppers, bell peppers,
eggplant, jalapeños, shishito peppers and some fruit —apples, peaches and
plums, though much fruit was lost to a late freeze in Corrales.

According to a local realtor I met as she Uberly drove me back to pick up my vehicle at Toyota, “Mortgage rates of over seven percent mean my listings are just sitting there.”
Hence, an issue with lodging. Running her own business since 2005, yet now
needing extra cash, she was just two weeks into her Uber gig. Already she was
buoyed by her new part-time undertaking. “Yesterday I helped an elder get her
groceries through her front door, and the day before that the person I was driving
could not stop sobbing, until we chatted a bit. Wow.”

Rick Thaler let us know that “Dendro Technology has finally got a Certificate of
Occupancy and we are open for business at 4404 Corrales Road. We are milling
and selling live-edge slab lumber from local dead, down and unwanted trees and
from logs we get from other small mills across the country as we find them.
Dendro has a fully equipped shop to make tables, benches, countertops,
fireplace mantles and other wood items. You can see our work at Candlestick
Coffee and the Silverleaf Farm Store, soon to open south of Village Pizza.”

Coming right up, the 2022 Starlight Parade, Dec. 3 at 5:30pm, starting at
Wagner’s with the lineup at 4:30pm. Bring your sparkling floats early. No
individual paraders on foot or horse, sorry, according to organizer Sandy Rasmussen. The parade will proceed south to the Growers’ Market lot, and then merrymakers can
look for St Nick, munchies and the bonfire. Corrales Road will be closed
between Tenorio and Coronado from 5:15pm until the parade finishes.

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