“The tumult and the shouting dies…” Right? We are post-election, post-World
Series and sniffing around food-ish notions for this month’s major event.
But first, I did indeed enjoy my early vote on Halloween. No line, a row of
smiling poll workers, banter with the guy at table no. 7, a swift filling of the ballot,
fully masked, cheers and applause when a poll worker logged in a “first time
voter,” the satisfying “ta da!” of my ballot being affirmed, an offer of candy from a
large bowl by a young dude near the exit. I took a tiny Reese’s peanut butter
thing, my usual once-a-year treat… and then! At my local pet food joint, steps
away, a free bag of H’ween treats for a certain terrier, after I bought stuff, yep, but

Moving on, of course, just a bit, a major shout out to tireless voter registrar, Jerry
Dusseau, whom you may have seen regularly holding his clipboard at the
entrance to the Corrales Grower’s Market. (Towards the deadline, he was also
at local high schools to snag new voters.) If you had just moved to Corrales from
Nome, Jerry would encourage you to sign up. If you were uncertain as to your
status, JD was there. Not to be confused with his equally productive wife Jannie
Dusseau, one of the powers behind Music in Corrales. These Quakerly grads of
Indiana’s Earlham College like to chuckle, but with utmost integrity.

Others in the Vill, who shall not be named, told News-y they were not pleased
with the Comment election issue of October 14 which one said “appeared to
be just a propaganda piece for Democrats. The Comment is no longer a
newspaper, it’s an arm of the Democratic Party!” I did carefully point out that the
editor added disclaimers to some of the profiles, noting that Republicans declined
to respond. Another commented that “when Jeff Radford ran things he always
included space for both parties’ candidates even if some failed to participate.”
And this—“It’s a shame that you no longer can have a civil conversation without
knowing what political party you prefer….”

Thankful that Thanksgiving is almost here, when we can argue over whether
creamed onions are an atrocity, or are sweet potatoes, the yellow ones, less
sweet, and therefore preferable? Plus football. Photo below is mine of a particularly popular paella in lieu of pasta, circa 2018,

The actual non Plymouth Rockian first harvest meal likely was one shared by
Juan de Oñate and his fellow Spanish invaders/explorers/families and 7,000
livestock and their Indigenous captives/associates near today’s El Paso on April
30, 1598. The Oñate group had crossed the Chihuahuan Desert for 50 days, run
out of food and water during the last five, and collapsed when they reached the
Rio Grande, which, naturally, immediately was claimed for the King of Spain.

Phillip III. On recovery, Oñate suggested a feast of thanksgiving. And in 1599
went on to slaughter hundreds of Acoma Puebloans. Of which Phil III did not
approve. Oñate was tossed from Nuevo Mexico, then Mexico, and died in Seville.
Anyhoo, here in the Vill, you can buy your T-Giving turkey at a couple venues,
including Sprouts, and in Rio Rancho at Natural Grocer’s, but for full, total
turkey info, we suggest you explore this website: marysturkeys.com.
Take a deep dive into everything about turkeys, a range of turkeys, how to cook
and how NOT to cook turkeys, and more. The turkeys sold at Natural Grocer’s do
come from Mary’s, established in 1954, which is based in Madera County,

Sprouts’ turkeys all are sold fresh, not frozen, btw.

And about turkeys, or Meleagris gallopavo merriami. The modern wild turkeys
of the southwest are all feral descendants of the domesticated eastern wild
turkey, circa 600 CE. Evidently there are six subspecies of wild turkey, and New
Mexico is home to three: Merriam’s, Rio Grande and Gould’s. You likely have
seem them strolling the acequias.

Most local eateries appear to be closed on Thanksgiving, including Ex Novo,
Indigo Crow and Casa Vieja. So stock up. But consider buying gift certificates
online for your fave places, to give to your fave people. Because that other
holiday is coming soon.

Please do get in touch with News-y—gossip, questions, funny cat tales/photos, concerns, upcoming events? Many thanks. Email meredith@corralescomment.com

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