Jeff Radford (l), 40-year owner/editor of the Corrales Comment and his son, Ben Radford. Photo Katie Neeley

In pondering the recent passage of HRH Queen Liz, a marvel of a majesty even if her Empire in large part had been built on the backs of the subdue, enslaved, abused and undervalued people, I encountered numerous videos on YouTube of the meticulous manner in which she and other Royals were served. Food-wise in particular. Many, many items Bechameled up, a version of fish n’ chips created with teensy fries, pet oysters raised to be eaten when appropriate–ok, I made that up–but, seriously?

And I recalled that when I was three, my mom came outside to find me on my fave low rock, to say that “a baby prince named Charlie” had arrived. (My parents subscribed to Punch Magazine for years.)

All hail King Chas III ! And try the fries at Flying Star instead.

Speaking of elders, Jeff Radford, Corrales Comment publisher emeritus, has been in Colombia several days, even taking a jungle hike in the magnificent-looking Tayrona National Park in Santa Marta. With his son Ben he went to an improv session of a theater group, where both “understood only about 1/3 of the acting” but really enjoyed themselves. Up next, Peru, where former CC graphics person, Abby Boling, and her longtime pal, Eli, will come along for a two-week escapade. Boling is now working with the NM Humanities Council.

Radford plans to be back in the Vill sometime next month in time for election activities.

Any of you on Corrales Village, NextDoor? Every other post is about a creepy guy, or a bizarre woman, or a missing dog or grumpy waitpersons; fill me in if you find any notifications of interest. Other than cars robbed.

Back in August a woman learned that her driver’s license had been “stolen” and her photo replaced by that of the thief. She posted this on NextDoor. And she immediately took steps to protect her assets/credit, but locals also suggested she secure her Social Security number via Also explore these sites: .
There has been no update re: this event.

Animals are top of Corrales Pet Mayor impresario Tracy Stabenow’s list, who invites us all to “Meet Your Pet Mayor Candidates.” On September 17 you can cavort with an array of critters at La Entrada Park from 9 to 11 a.m. ( AngelCake the Cat apparently has declined to participate.) The Corrales Library is sponsoring the event, which, after all, is taking place right outside its front door.   Voting for the Pet Mayor, truly a fab fundraiser, ends September 24, the first of two days of the Corrales Harvest Festival.

A local informs us that Seed2Need here in Corrales could use some additional volunteers to help pick vegetables. As you likely know, the produce goes to local food pantries. Sessions usually run from 7 to 9 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays and sometimes Saturdays. Join the email list to see what the current need is, and when and where to show up. General info at   

Recently, a group of Corrales folks reached out as hosts to a dozen Iraqi high schoolers visiting Albuquerque for 10 days as part of the Global Ties Albuquerque student leadership program. Global Ties ABQ is a non-profit under the auspices of the U.S. Department of State and hosts 400+ delegates each year who are selected by their embassies to study topics here such as water management, Indigenous rights and entrepreneurship. 

Deborah Blank reports that the group “has hosting needs year round. Usually 400 or more visitors yearly, both younger people in summers, as well as adults.” At a Sunday meal, the Blanks hosted visitors from Pakistan, Singapore and Fiji. 

“All arrivals speak English, but if some delegates are not fluent, a translator accompanies them,” Blank said.

Corrales hosts have included Deborah and Lawrence Blank, Carol and Craig Levy, Susan and Frank Steiner, Greg Polk, Ana Powless and Richard Stewart.

Information about Global Ties is at

And yes, loyal readers, Newsy for the issue of September 2 did not appear in the newspaper. The start of Newsy is posted on the in-transition Corrales Comment website. But I had to do a Search to find it. And did not find the entire column…

Regardless, please do get in touch with Newsy—gossip, questions, humorous observations, your fave current book, concerns, upcoming events? Oh–And the editor wants to know if you attend Village Council meetings, either online or in person.

Many thanks. Email

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