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Stephanie Hainsfurther is an editor at The Corrales Comment

Citing the drought and its characterization by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as “extreme to exceptional,” the village council of Corrales has banned the sales and use of fireworks. The ban was effective as of June 21 (Resolution No. 22-37) and will expire after August 22 unless the ordinance is otherwise amended, which won’t happen unless the drought appreciably eases by that date.

Among the fireworks specifically banned are stick-type rockets, aerial spinners, helicopters, missile-type rockets and pretty much anything that makes a sound louder than a whistle. The village council mentioned the Corrales Bosque Preserve and Wildlands as particularly prohibited areas. People who break the rules are open to criminal and civil liabilities. If you happen to be standing on a paved surface next to a water source and none of the fireworks you are holding are banned, you’re safe.

In a place with not only lots of pets but lots of livestock, relief abounds.

“Our dogs and barnyard animals are SOOOOOO grateful,” said Mary Ellen Capek, a Dixon Road resident.

All officers in the Village including police and fire personnel will enforce. Call the dispatch non-emergency line to report violations: 505.898.7585.

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