Village officials expect to spend nearly $7 million during the fiscal year that starts July 1. The Village Council approved a municipal budget submitted by Mayor Jim Fahey at its May 24 meeting; it has been further submitted to the N.M. Department of Finance and Administration in Santa Fe. That $6,846,084 is projected revenue into the Village’s general fund. Even more will be spent from several special funds, mostly provided through state agencies. Last fiscal year’s revised budget was $5,680,026.

Money for the Village traditionally comes from its share of property tax collected by Sandoval County and from four streams of gross receipts taxes (GRT). Combined, those expected GRT payments in FY 2022-23 reach $3,935,424.

Property tax revenue that Corrales anticipates in FY22-23 amounts to $1,736,621.

Other income for the general fund derives from fees charged for such services as site development plan reviewing, rental of municipal facilities and noise permits. Still other income is projected from fines imposed in municipal court ($40,000 in FY22-23), and investments.

Where does all that money go? As usual, most of it will go to the Police Department ($1,500,432) and the Fire Department ($1,105,463).

Public Works is expected to get $500,154, while the library would get $319,283 and Parks and Recreation $435,847. Animal Control, which remains within the Police Department so far, would get $132,624. Some villagers have urged the mayor and council to transfer animal control to the Fire Department.

Projected revenue from the general fund for the Planning and Zoning Department hit $333,219. A budget line item for “Finance/Administration” is $739,110.

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