How Well Do You Really Know Jeff Radford?
(Thanks to Chris Allen)
1. Jeff's true first name is:
c. William

2. Jeff interviewed which dictator?

d. Idi Amin

3. Jeff thought he might have some immunity to Covid because:

a. While traveling in Venezuela, Jeff would sleep in a hammock, and bats, possible source of the virus, would nestle in his armpits.

4. As a result of Jeff’s experience with the Guarao Indians and the Buganda Tribe in Uganda, a specific provision in Jeff’s will leaves which of the following to his son, Ben:

c. His own skull

5. Jeff

a. Is a Fullbright Scholar

6. Jeff once hitchhiked through South Africa’s Great Karoo Desert in order to:

b. Avoid surveillance by apartheid police.

7. Jeff once worked for:
c. Associated Press

8. Jeff co-founded an off-campus magazine while at Syracuse University. The magazine was called:

b. The Sword of Damocles

9. Jeff is known for his strong interest in environmental issues. Which of the following was he involved in?

a. Preservation of the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana

10. Jeff is known among his friends for:

a. Playing volleyball on Brazilian beaches in a Speedo bathing suit

11. Jeff worked for the Albuquerque News in the late 1970s. A group of reporters, Dede Feldman, Arturo Sandoval, Bob Klein and Jeff used to meet for lunch and called themselves:

b. La Cucaracha Social Club

12. Jeff hosted a volleyball game on his 60th birthday. The game was played at what location:

c. the top of Cabezon peak

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