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Dear Editor:

I am not very eloquent at writing and hope that Jeff Radford edits my spelling and grammar to reflect only positive feelings and good will to all our friends in Corrales.

My wife, Karen, will be surprised when she reads that I am composing a letter to the Comment. I have always had many concerns for the village and wish to contribute to make Corrales a better place for all. I live on upper Meadowlark.

Every other month the Comment has a headline: Upper Meadowlark trail to start soon! Pathways project to start soon! I sincerely hope these, and other projects happen in my lifetime. I love Corrales.

My wife and I have supported Starry Nights and MainStreet long before we moved to the village. We purchased kitchen equipment for the fire station with little fanfare I did the Leadership Sandoval County program years ago and our group landscaped the skate park. We support Seed to Need, Village In the Village and so many other worthy organizations.

Corrales has been good to us, and we have been proud to give back. Like I said I am not so eloquent at writing and tend to ramble. I simply want to say thank you! I am the former owner of Harris Jewelers in Rio Rancho. My wife  and I have retired. Harris Jewelers continues to operate in Rio Rancho.

We wish to thank all our friends in Corrales, Rio Rancho and surrounding communities for your support over the years. I sincerely hope you continue to support Harris Jewelers.

I personally want to thank the people of Corrales for your support. We would not be in the position to retire and move on to our next chapter without our friends in the village. I can now hopefully become more involved in the community we love. Thank you all.

Mark Guerin

Dear Editor:

We salute and congratulate you on the 40th anniversary of the Corrales Comment. We have been privileged to share those 40 years of happenings in the Village of Corrales with you as readers of your written narratives.

Your expression of a first-hand view in the Comment has captured the good, the bad, the remarkable and the menial. Endless times we have watched you taking notes at council meetings and other village events. What cost you time was transformed for us as readers into a detailed “you better believe it” portrait of our village.

The Comment has offered a venue for the expression of individual Corraleño voices and dialogues. Thank you, Jeff.

Wayne and Jolene Maes

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