Corrales Comment’s January 22 issue  ran an incorrect report on the Corrales Arts Center’s programs. A corrected version is below.

The Corrales Arts Center (CAC) has come out with its schedule of workshops, classes and salons for 2022. From Southwest history to sports car appreciation, there is something on the menu for each of its members. 

After deciding to close the brick-and-mortar part of their operation during the pandemic, CAC had to make other accommodations to continue.

In mid-December, CAC President Dennis Chamberlain told Corrales Comment, “We were limited to Zoom events for about a year and a half, but luckily, we started picking up steam before the vaccines.  We are back to full speed now.”

The CAC has found that some of its programs actually work better virtually. One of the most successful new programs is the “Exploring Artful Places,” led by Carla Wright. These are a series of Zoom video tours featuring the homes of art-appreciating Corraleños.

While the Omicron COVID variant might have thrown down a speed bump or two for the organization, Chamberlain is full of hope for 2022.

Along with the salons, which are  member-only events, CAC will focus on or expand a number of new and ongoing programs in the coming year.

One of these is the educational program. Joann Mackenzie has joined the organization as educational chair, and brought with her “all kinds of new ideas and creative thoughts about what kinds of classes and workshops to offer.” Chamberlain said, “[Joann] has brought us out of the COVID era with a vengeance, scheduling classes almost faster than we can accommodate them.” Classes are “anything from painting, to wine tasting, to jazz, to opera,” Chamberlain advertised, adding that over half were being held in-person.

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Relatedly, the CAC has had a presence in Corrales Elementary School for the last eight or nine years, sponsoring a 5th grade juried photography exhibit, among other things. Chamberlain hopes this program will resume later in 2022, and that other programs with other Corrales-based schools might be established.

Also worth noting on the 2022 menu is the return of CAC Driving Tours. Established in 2021, the inaugural tour took participants to see 25 picturesque adobe churches in Northern New Mexico, with an overnight stay in Red River. Chamberlain says CAC plans to host at least two such tours every year.

Being a professional photographer, Chamberlain plans to expand the number of photography workshops and classes as well.

When asked if having a premises is a goal for 2022, Chamberlain responded, “Since the very inception of CAC, a multi-use space, including performance, has been a hope and a goal.”

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