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Dear Editor:

I would like to comment on the recent articles about Global Warming. I agree we must do something, and I feel strongly we can start right here in our own backyard. Let’s start by getting back to the roots of Corrales by supporting the rural, agricultural village that we are supposed to be. If we return to being a farming, horseback riding, livestock-safe, pedestrian and bicycle friendly village we will be taking a small step toward the greater good of reducing global warming.

Just think of it: we can ride our horses, ride bicycles, and walk to the nearest restaurant, art show, art gallery or store and help save our planet at the same time.

This is what brought us to this a small rural community in the first place. Let’s “get rural” and save our world!

Patti Flanagan

Dear Editor: 

As a scientist, I look for cause-and-effect relationships. Which made me wonder what might explain the unusually high number of COVID cases in Corrales.

A terrible mistake was made when Intel was allowed to build its large chip- manufacturing plants adjacent to pre-existing residential neighborhoods.

There is strong evidence that people who live near Intel have higher rates of many illnesses.  Might decades-long exposure to Intel toxins in the air they breathe also weaken their immune systems, which would leave them less able to fight off COVID and other viruses?

That is at least possible, and may even be probable. But there is no question that breathing Intel’s airborne toxins is a continuing threat to public health.

Fred Marsh

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