The daughter of a founding member of the artist cooperative Corrales Bosque Gallery, Joan Findley-Perls, has recently joined the venture. She is a daughter of Tommie and Jim Findley. Her graphite drawings will be on display and for sale at the gallery for its “Small Treasures” exhibit.

The co-op began when 21 local artists committed to renting a store-front space in Mercado de Maya. Among the original organizers were Tommie Findley, Pat Smith,  Pauline Eaton, Paula Hendriks, Jan Mikkelsen, Ron Moffatt, Vicki Nowark, Diana Stetson, Mariana Roumell-Gasteyer and Sheryl Brainerd.

Findley-Perls is the wife of former state legislator Bob Perls. Her artistic talent came to light publicly when she helped organize a family art exhibit at the Old Church which featured her mother’s work. (See Corrales Comment Vol. XXXV, No. 14, September 10, 2016 “Tommie Findley’s Fool-the-Eye Ceramics Delight.”)

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