The Halloween trick-or-treat party at the Corrales Recreation Center is back on! But it will be in daylight hours rather than spooky night time, according to Parks and Recreation Director Lynn Siverts. The time had not been set by press time for this issue. Referred to here as a “Trick or Trunk or Trailer” event, the basic idea is that kids, and older folks show up in Halloween costume and bravely enter creatively assembled haunted houses, make-shift graveyards and other scary settings in transformed vehicles to collect candy or other treats.

“We are going to do the event,” Siverts said October 4. “We are going to be changing the time to be a daytime activity, and we are going to get rid of the balloon portion due to it being daytime.

“We are going to need donations of candy and vehicles to participate. We will not have electrical power this year, as we don’t see a need because of the daylight. That can change if someone says they need power.

“We don’t have all the information yet, due to this just being planned, but we need to do something so the kids get their holiday that so many people love.”

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