Corrales has done it again. Our community has distinguished itself as a paragon of democratic values and inclusivity by electing a peacock as Pet Mayor. Voters passed over five dogs, a cat and a goose to choose the village’s 2021-22 Pet Mayor when dollars were counted on what would have been the last day of the Corrales Harvest Festival. Most often, the winning candidate has been a dog or a horse. Without exhaustive research, Peacock James is considered the first of his kind in New Mexico to assume the title of Pet Mayor.

He and his companion, Kristyn Mader, picked up his victory ribbon and  prize basket at the Village Mercantile Sunday, September 26. Other key Village pet appointments based on election results named Bliss, the service dog in training, as Village Administrator, and Standard Poodle Jewel as Chief of Police. The Canada goose, Mimers is now Corrales’ Pet Municipal Judge, and Nessie, the Newfoundland dog, is the Pet Fire Chief. Odin, the Great Pyrennes, was named Director of Barks and Recreation. The luxurious cat, Lugh, is Fire Commander, having declined appointment as Dog Catcher.

In the offing: a new, kinder and gentle Corrales Pet Police Department. Jewel, the poodle, ran on a platform that Corrales, and the world, “need more love, belly rubs and paws-itivity.” This year’s Pet Mayor election raised nearly $2,000 for animal causes, according to organizer Tracy Stabenow. “I want to thank you all for entering this year’s Pet Mayor election. All of you worked hard campaigning, and your efforts are greatly appreciated. Although the festival did not happen this year, the Pet Mayor election still raised almost $2,000 for animals in the village.”

Dollar-ballot voting was held at stores and at the Corrales Growers’ Market events on Wednesdays and Sundays.

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