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Dear Editor:

Carol Levy’s column, “Golden Years in the Village” in the September 25 issue, makes a compelling case that our dear village begin not simply thinking about, but taking action to expedite the availability of age-friendly housing for our senior population here. She cited, “In less than 30 years, the number of adults age 65 and older will double.” Now is the time to expedite the five-unit housing structure, as she described, at what is the present Sunbelt Nursery property.

Michael Baron

Dear Editor:

After reading a few articles, it’s very apparent the Village leadership likes to pass laws and ordinances like they are a home owners association. Big issue topics that affect the entire village should be put to the voters of the village, not a panel of a few that decides these topics with an iron fist.

Things like commercial canabis farms, the proposed fence ordinance along Corrales Road and casitas are topics the village should decide by vote. The opinion of a few shouldn’t be the authority for deciding what a home owner can do with his property he pays taxes on and is simply trying to enjoy life.

The Village Council and mayor have grown to have far too much power over peoples’ lives.

Matt White

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