Carjack incident: Shots fired on Corrales Road

Approximately 12:15PM today

According to the Corrales Police Department, a pick-up truck with the keys in it was stolen from a residence on West Meadowlark. Two Hispanic males pulled up to the residence in a “reddish / possibly orange smaller SUV or crossover.”  One of the males, who was “younger” got out of the SUV and into the truck, then both of the suspects drove off together. The owner of the truck, upon seeing the perpetrators take his vehicle, followed the suspects in his second vehicle, a minivan. All three cars proceeded down West Meadowlark and North on Corrales Road. During this time, the younger suspect shot at the minivan from the moving truck. Both suspects stopped in front of Perea’s restaurant with the owner in his minivan pulling up just behind. The younger suspect shot at the minivan, hitting his passenger side, then got into the SUV with the older suspect and drove north on Corrales Road, turning east on Target Road. Corrales Elementary School was put on lockdown, due to the proximity of the incident to the school. The lockdown has since been lifted.

Chief Victor Mangiacapra and the Corrales Police Department are asking that any information that might help them catch the suspects be reported to the CPD at 505-898-7585.



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