Approval of the controversial proposal for a short-term rental at 593 Reclining Acres by Jeannine Grayson was to have been the subject of an appeal hearing by the Village Council September 14, but it was postponed until the September 28 meeting. Reason: the person filing the appeal, Nelson Ackerman, who resides at 525 Reclining Acres, did not attend the scheduled hearing. In his letter appealing the Planning and Zoning Commission’s July 21 approval of the short-term rental, Ackerman said he took the step “on behalf of many of the neighbors on Reclining Acres Road as well as residents of the Village of Corrales.”

The commission had rejected Grayson’s request for a short-term rental permit on March 17. It was modified and re-submitted for P&Z’s consideration in May. But on the second try, it was neither rejected nor approved, but rather deferred to seek clarification from the N.M. Environment Department as to the adequacy of Grayson’s septic system to accommodate as many rental occupants as she desired. With the NMED okay, the commission on July 21 approved Grayson’s request to use two bedrooms to temporarily house up to four occupants. The appeal hearing is expected to resume at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, September 28 before the regular council meeting starts at 6:30 p.m.

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