The unsightly property at  58 Rincon Road, behind Perea’s Restaurant and Tijuana Bar, is to be cleaned up with significant improvement by the end of September or Village government will  do it and collect reimbursement through a lien on the property. At the September 14 Village Council meeting, a resolution was adopted setting that in motion. The Planning and Zoning Department’s code enforcement official had been coaxing the person who is buying it, Zechariah Glover, to remedy the problems, to little avail.  Glover had been cited for violating the Village’s regulations and was found guilty in municipal court.

At the council meeting held on Zoom,  Glover rejected the assertion he had not begun to clean up the land, saying he had already hauled away eight of the 16 vehicles. “I have made progress,” he asserted. “Most of what’s left is behind a fence.” But Village officials said Glover has persistently delayed making the required improvements over many months. P&Z Administrator Laurie Stout told the mayor and council that the accumulated trash and other materials made the property disorderly “beyond belief.”

After hearing the discussion, the council ordered Glover to make substantial progress within 10 days. Otherwise, he was told, the Village will do it and recover its costs by seeking a lien on the property.

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