The former coordinator for Corrales’ walk-and-bike-to-school program, Democrat Laura Montoya, seeks election as New Mexico State Treasurer. She served two terms as Sandoval County treasurer, stepping down in December 2020. She is a Rio Rancho resident, born and raised in Las Vegas. After a degree in political science and psychology, followed by a master’s in public affairs, Montoya was then-U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman’s constituent services representatives for northern New Mexico.

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In announcing her candidacy, she pointed out that Sandoval County has more than $50 million in non-property taxes, is charged  with collecting more than $1.2 billion in property taxes and has invested more than $40 million of those funds. When she was elected Sandoval County treasurer in 2012, she was one of the youngest elected officials in the state. Since leaving office, she has taught classes to county-elected officials and government employees.

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