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Dear Editor:
Just read the 24 July issue of Corrales Comment, and found it to be an especially good read, with articles that were not only interesting, but informative on issues of the day.
The climate change article was especially interesting to me, and let’s hope that the increasing prominence in the press will finally convince the public to get serious about it.
Thanks for the good work!
Paul Stokes

Dear Editor:
Because of preexisting medical conditions in my family, I have been, and continue to be, very cautious to avoid exposure to COVID and its variants.  I was recently referred to physical therapy due to some spinal problems.  During my evaluation, I answered the many questions of the therapist, then I asked her a question: are all the therapists here fully vaccinated?  I was quite surprised when the answer was “we don’t ask our employees if they are vaccinated.”  I was shocked. 
I followed up with Presbyterian Healthcare to find out if that was indeed their policy and the answer was yes and it’s not clear if patients are discouraged from asking.  I have had Pres Healthcare for many years, and never had a complaint with them before now. 
I find their policy to be outrageous.  I appreciate that we each have rights.  But physical therapy is not a procedure that can be done safely distanced and the sessions are not quick. Pres has put me in an untenable situation, and I find it to be unacceptable.  Pres is not taking account of their patients’ right to be treated in safety.  
I suggest that you ask questions of your healthcare providers. Take nothing for granted.
Sam Thompson

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