Terry Brown’s new book, A Vietnam Journal: Life at the End of the War, is illustrated with 40 pen and ink drawings and 75 photographs.The book recapping his service in Viet Nam was recently published by Sunstone Press in Santa Fe. “The original journal has been sitting on my closet shelf for 50 years and is now published,” the retired architect said.  Sunstone Press also published his previous book, Sketchbook on the World, illustrations from which were published in Corrales Comment.

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The new book is then-Lieutenant Brown’s recollections and depictions of the U.S. war effort in its closing years. From a base near Saigon, he flew almost daily to gather information about the conditions of roads, bridges, outposts and jungle clearing operations. It also tells of close calls with disaster and “the utter feeling of boredom while serving during the end of the war.”

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