About 50 people turned out July 19 for presentations by the Corrales Fire Department on how to prepare to evacuate animals in emergencies. During two hours, Fire Chief Anthony Martinez and Battalion Commander Tanya Lattin stressed the need for each owner of large animals to prepare a thorough plan that includes a central meeting place, trailers, medications and communications. Neighbors, relatives and other animal owners should be informed of such evacuation plans, they pointed out, in case an emergency arises while the owner is away from Corrales.

Villagers were encouraged to sign up for a volunteer list so emergency officials can organize horse trailer task forces in the event that large animals need to be moved quickly. All were urged to sign up for Sandoval County Code Red, an emergency notification system. Visit public.coderedweb.com for Sandoval County.

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The class held at the Sandia Christian School gym was organized by the Corrales Equestrian Advisory Commission and Corrales Horse and Mule People, CHAMP, in response to recent wildfires in California and flooding in western Europe.

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