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Like much of the country, Corrales entities and nearby businesses are flying “We Are Hiring” banners, among them Flying Star, The Range Cafe, and Tesuque Stucco. None thus far wave from the endlessly-awaited SWOP, or Southwest Organic Producers cannabis retail outlet at 4604 Corrales Road, which in February was reportedly close to opening, save for the nitty-gritty of its required tie-in needed to the Village wastewater system.

It appeared then that the retail medical cannabis operation would go up at the far eastern end of the former Kim Jew property but that space now has welcomed back florist and decorator Tammy Evans, whose 2018 business Amazing Finds, offered there not only consignment pieces, but also repurposed worn-once wedding gowns, and full service floral designs.

Her new gig called Amazing Finds’ Flowers is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can reach Evans at 907-5115. The SWOP entrance, right off Corrales Road, is clearly marked but as yet appears to contain little but empty shelves.

Another future business already clearly making itself known behind a temporary fence stretching along Perea Road, with a smaller section facing Corrales Road is Localmotive, its temporary black with orange sign facing north and south.
The future coffee-breakfast-lunch place at 4765 Corrales Road describes itself as “A restaurant designed to inspire greater community connection through an elevated but accessible experience,based on the unique history of Corrales, NM.”
The prime mover behind Localmotive is Shannon Byrne, a longtime global marketing executive with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. The project is expected to kick off this fall, according to localmotivenm.com

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Most recently at the same address Grizz Carley engaged with archery and gun enthusiasts via his business Adventure Studios, which offered classes as well as artwork framing. It appears Carley has moved on to other pursuits in Arizona. The one-acre commercial site includes an old train station brought here from southern New Mexico, plus outbuildings and the main structure built in 1957.

It’s curious to note that back in the early 1980s the main building was home to a French restaurant created and run by future Corrales Mayor Laura Warren and her partner, Mary Briault, for a few years. Not exactly new, but constrained by the pandemic for nearly two years, is Designed Health Options LLC at 5065 Corrales Road. Its website describes its offerings this way: “Healthcare that Blends Traditional Medical with Holistic Options for Mind and Body Wellness.”
The team commonly addresses “difficult life events” such as abuse, addiction, death of a loved one, physical illness, career problems; “life transitions or decisions” such as marriage, divorce, relationship loss, becoming a parent and retirement.

Along with “self-discovery,” they offer self-improvement and an opportunity to reflect on past experiences and explore feelings and values, as well as “mental health issues” including past trauma, anxiety and mood disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorder and others. Physician Joan Lewis is the organizer behind this project, along with seven other healthcare providers. See https://designedhealthoptions.com

Also in the works at this location and almost ready to go is a four bedroom furnished short-term rental —limit of 28 days— as well as planned wellness retreats. You can reach Designed Health at 404-8154.

Way at the end of Academy Drive, multiple red and white signs advise against trespassing, loitering and similar. K9 Rehab, a dog training and kennel business formerly in Rio Rancho, set up operations inside the old Academy Furniture store following Planning and Zoning approval back in spring 2019, but is there no longer. Owner Tracie Dulniak’s business included a boarding kennel, training areas and retail pet food and supplies.

Apparently K9 Rehab has “satellites across New Mexico,” now and people needing help with their dogs can continue to connect with Dulniak by calling (505) 480-1973.

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