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Although no deaths from COVID-19 infection in Corrales have been reported officially, at least one person here was known to have died as of January 1. The N.M. Department of Health reported that 194 Corrales residents had been diagnosed with the fast-spreading disease at the first of the year. Statewide, that number was up to 144,142, of whom 2,502 had died. On January 1, 791 New Mexicans were hospitalized with the deadly coronavirus.

On December 27, Corrales had 178 COVID cases, demonstrating the spike in new cases here. At the end of May, Corrales had nine cases of COVID-19. That had risen to 20 at the end of June, and on to 32 cases by the end of July. At the end of August, the village had 36 cases. On October 31, Corrales had 52; on November 15, it was 74, and then 119 on November 30.


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On December 5, there were 129; 156 on December 15, and then 176 on Christmas Day. By the end of December the number had risen to 189. At-home tests for COVID-19 are now available at no charge through the State health department. The kit will be mailed to you after requesting it by email to: learn.vaulthealth.com/nm. Each test request requires a unique email address.

On January 4, the N.M. Department of Health announced a new website for vaccinations: vaccinenm.org. After comprehensive personal profiles are registered at the site, health officials will notify those registered when and where vaccinations are available. On the day of their appointment, they fill out a medical questionnaire about their current health.

The Corrales Fire Department’s Tanya Lattin said if anyone needs assistance with registering for the vaccine, he or she should contact her at 702-4182. “We could have some of the population that does not have a computer or smart phone,” she explained. “The Village of Corrales wants to make sure everyone who would like a vaccine has the ability to sign up.”

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