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Corrales Harvest Festival 2020 officially completed its first virtual event on Halloween with no final results as yet in the Pumpkin Palooza contest. According to the organizers, “there are some problems with hanging chads and we have late voters still casting their ballots.Therefore, The Supreme Court has moved the voting deadline to November 7.”

All involved indeed cheerfully await the final Palooza votes to be tallied, and are grateful to the Key Clubbers from Cibola and Rio Rancho High Schools whose hard work made the event happen. “They put their hearts and souls into organizing and promoting this event,” as Harvest Festival veteran Tony Messec put it. The contest featured 31 entries from kindergarteners through adults, and ranged from scary to beautiful. The contest has already raised over $200, benefiting the Key Clubs of Cibola and Rio Rancho High Schools, with more expected as ballots arrive and are counted.

And Corrales has a new Pet Mayor in Chip the miniature donkey, raising over $2,000 in the process, all going to further the Kiwanis Club of Corrales’ philanthropic goals. Additionally you can still learn about Corrales history via assorted Casa San Ysidro videos, still available on the Corrales Harvest Festival website. http://www.corralesharvestfestival.com “All in all, for an event which none of the committee knew how to put together, it went better than expected,” said Messec.

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