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The mayor’s new initiative to publicly recognize “local heroes” has produced the first three villagers to be so honored: historian Mary Davis, Red Cross volunteer Linda Crowden and Corrales Comment publisher Jeff Radford.

Mayor Jo Anne Roake started the program last month when in her weekly “Mayor’s Message” she wrote “Hats off to a local hero. Corrales resident and Red Cross volunteer Linda Crowden is in Baton Rouge distributing food and supplies for those devastated by recent hurricanes. Linda said she ‘really wanted to be out in the field, and has the background and experience to do my best for us.’ Thank you to Linda for her efforts.”

In the following Village Council meeting, Roake urged villagers to submit their own nominations to Corraleños who should also be recognized as local heroes. Quickly nominated were Davis, for her work with the Corrales Historical Society and books about Corrales, and Radford, for reporting on village affairs since 1982 and service on several Village commissions, such as the Corrales Bosque Advisory Commission and Corrales Bicycle, Pedestrian Advisory Commission.

“Please keep the nominations coming,” the mayor urged. “Send the names of those neighbors who are helping to make the world a better place to agjullin@corrales-nm.org.” Davis, retired as head of the City of Albuquerque’s historic preservation program, has led the Corrales Historical Society’s archive program and has written two books based largely on that collection: Corrales Families Through Time and Corrales, published in April 2010 by Arcadia Publishing, which was part of the series “Images of America.”

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