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As of October 17, the first-ever online Old Church Fine Arts Show has had 1,423 visitors to its site.  According to the Corrales Historical Society board of directors secretary, Carol Rigmark, “close to 1,100 are first time visitors and over 300 are returning to the site for another look.”

The show featuring about 50 artists is running online through October 31. It is produced in collaboration with the Corrales Society of Artists. It can be viewed at www.corralesoldchurchshow.com. 

“To date we have sold 16 pieces of art ranging in price from $86 to $800. The majority of these have been paintings, followed by photographs. Most have been sold to local New Mexican buyers but several are being shipped out of state to places like Seattle, Chicago, smaller towns in California and Rhode Island.  We have received many compliments about the quality of the art as well as the show itself.”

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Naturally, all involved would like to reach more potential buyers, so Rigmark suggests artists send another invitation to their own mailing lists. She also reminds them that “your art being shown here may not be sold outside the show for the remainder of this month.”

Although organizers are pleased with the response so far, as Rigmark put it, “of course we hope for continued interest.” Back in September Rigmark explained that the online show was considered “a gift we should provide for the artists, especially during this very difficult year. Our two primary goals were to highlight New Mexico’s fine artists and to raise some badly needed funds for the Old Church.”

She saluted Diane Cutter, Cheryl Cathcart and Rachel Dushoff, all Corrales artists, as well as Clark, for their contributions to the event. Twenty-five percent of each artist’s sales is donated toward preservation and maintenance of the Old Church.

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