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Exasperated by the continuous flow of traffic on Corrales Road these days? Rest assured it’s not because everybody and his uncle or her aunt has moved to Corrales in a mass migration. Instead, the clogged condition of Highway 448 through Corrales is caused by closure of lanes on Highway 550 between Interstate 25 and Highway 528 through Bernalillo.

The widening project, presumably to serve motorists going to and from Rio Rancho, seems to have gone on for generations. Cars that traversed that route back when it started are surely now in a junkyard, unless they were deemed “totaled” in a minor wreck and are now putting along in Mexico. A website dedicated to informing folks about the project, Keep Moving 550, offers weekly updates. Work is expected to continue Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and possibly weekends as well.

It warned that crews are installing a 60-inch storm drain and setting up curb-and-gutter, grading medians and laying base course for paving in some sections. “Due to the amount of work required, eastbound traffic will continue to be shifted to the north for the installation of a 60-inch storm drain pipe and other improvements on the south side of U.S. 550 through about November 8, 2020,” the website notes. “Motorists are encouraged to expect delays, and to give themselves extra time to reach their destinations.”

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