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Corrales MainStreet, Inc. recently launched a fundraiser for local businesses it is calling “Starry Daze Business Booster Bingo” program. Starry Night, a gala usually held in late August or early September also to raise money for MainStreet projects, was nixed given obvious pandemically-dictated restrictions. The bingo project which runs until November 31, requires players to pick up a bingo card at any participating local business, and spend at least $25 there, thus earning a checking off of a box on the card. The instructions state: “When you have completed a row (or more if you are an over-achiever!) just turn it in with receipts and it will go into the drawing. Our goal is to bring $15,000 in business to the participating merchants and give away $2,350 in prizes. Have fun.”

To enter, you must go to the Corrales MainStreet office with card and receipts in hand, your name, email and phone filled in as well. Twelve gift cards, ranging from $100 per, to $500, comprise the prizes. MainStreet’s director, Sandy Rasmussen, further explained that “sponsors have agreed to provide funding for the prize money, a benefit for everyone. The balance of the costs is being covered by MainStreet, which makes this program available to business owners at no cost.” She can be reached by calling 480-1960.

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