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Corrales Fire Department sent one brush truck with four personnel to help battle wildfires in California recently, according to Commander Tanya Lattin. They returned safely. “One person is paid fire department staff, and the other three are volunteers,” Lattin said.  They are on duty through September 4, but that could be extended. All expenses incurred by the department will be reimbursed. Assigned first to the Moc fire in Tuolumne County, the Corrales crew was demobilized from that at 79 percent containment, and then on the CZU Complex fire outside of Santa Cruz.  This fire, which began via lightning August 16, had consumed over 83,000 acres in San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties, as of August 29.

Forty-five thousand people had been evacuated by then, and hot conditions were expected in upcoming days. Should you wish to follow this particular fire in which Corrales firefighters were engaged, visit http://www.facebook.com/CALFIRECZUSanMateoSantaCruz.

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