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Candidates for the 2020 Corrales Pet Mayor all have now been corralled, with voting already underway. Snickers, a fun-loving guinea pig with a big heart, was the second candidate to enter the race, after the elegant hound, Abigail Fae. Snickers’ campaign slogan is, “Don’t be blinded by my white stripe, I’m cute, cuddly, and oh so strong…” And number three was JoJo, an energetic four-month old standard poodle. Her slogan is, “Power To Pets with JoJo!” Her campaign platform is appropriately COVID-19-aware. She champions butt-sniffing, wagging rather than barking in Village negotiations, three walks a day, and insists doggie bags from local restaurants are for dogs, not humans.

One cat has entered the race thus far, and Moonshadow’s campaign slogan is “Of course I’m PURR-fect for the job, I’m a cat!” And a mini-donkey about three months old named Chip is also in contention, because of course “He has great ass-pirations for Corrales!”

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Back in the canine column is alert-as-can-be Jacqui who says “Ears up, paws down, attention placed —I’m ready to race!” Archie, a major mix of dog, more in the mellow zone, now insists “When we get through these tough times we’re going to… Party on Corraleños!” Looking like a true elder statesdog is Samson, who assures, “I don’t bite, but I’ll fight for you. Vote Samson for Mayor!” The first ever duo-mayoral candidates are Cockadoodles JackJack and Moose, brothers and opposites in every way. These literal underdogs (runt and deformed) are limping proof you can achieve anything with hard work and determination.  Their campaign slogan is “Together, we won’t let Corrales get Jacked up!”

Three very last minute candidates are Stinkerbelle, another mini-donkey, a white fluffy Olga dog, and the tiniest canine entry, Angel. Voting on line for the 2020 Pet Mayor began September 1. https://www.corralesharvestfestival.com/vote-for-pet-mayor/.

Online voting is a minimum of $5 which equals five votes. And you can vote much more if you choose. The contest is a part of the now virtual Corrales Harvest Festival that raises funds to support the needs of our two and four-legged members in the village.

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