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Confident, even a teensy bit formidable-looking in her official portrait, Abigail Fae is the first candidate to enter this year’s pet mayor election. Abigail is “one of our village’s cutest and sweetest dogs,” according to Pet Mayor Contest organizer Tracy Stabenow. Abigail’s campaign slogan? “Building a brighter tomorrow —one tennis ball at a time.”

This year’s election will be handled entirely online due to the pandemic. Anyone interested in entering her or his pet can fill out the application on the Harvest Festival’s website at http://www.corralesharvestfestival.com/2020-pet-mayoral-election. Then, scan and email it to PetMayor@corralesharvestfestival.com, or snail mail it to 4 Acoma Trail, Corrales, NM 87048. Applications will be taken through the end of August.

Official online voting for our next Pet Mayor begins September 1, and voting costs $1 per vote with a minimum of five votes. You may vote as often and as generously as your wallet will allow ($5 = 5 votes, $20 = 20 votes, $100 = 100 votes).

The pet that raises the most money —gets the most votes— wins the mayoral election. The Corrales Pet Mayor contest is a part of the Corrales Harvest Festival that raises funds to support the needs of our two- and four-legged members in the village.

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