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The announced Corrales Fourth of July Parade was cancelled just days before it was to have launched due to an intense spike in COVID-19 infections. Of the 753 cases in Sandoval County at that time, 22 were in Corrales. Mayor Jo Anne Roake encouraged strict adherence to Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s toughened guidelines. On July 3, the mayor’s message urged compliance with the new orders. “The Village will always put your safety first in this time of pandemic. It’s been the message for months.

“We’ve had to cancel the vehicle-only Fourth of July Parade.We thought we’d be in Stage 2 [of re-opening] by now, and our cases would be down. Instead, we are spiking, and some are not observing social distancing rules or wearing masks.
“So we just cannot risk the possibility of a mass gathering, or a super-spreader. We will get through this if we pull together, and when we do, we will have one heck of a party.”

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According to the governor’s public health order, anyone in a public setting, such as a store, restaurant, park or other site, should wear a face covering. Failure to do so could bring a $100 fine. A fine may be imposed on a business that refuses to require face covering and on a proprietor who does not don one when attending to members of the public. Citations may be issued by a State Police officer or local police.

Exemptions from the face-covering rule are for eating, drinking or exercising. Such violations or non-compliance can be reported at http://www.newmexico. gov/2020. A complaint should not be called to the 911 emergency line. Anyone returning to New Mexico after out-of-state travel is required to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Village Administrator Ron Curry said Corrales residents generally were respecting and complying with newly imposed restrictions to confront the disease’s spread. He said police officers were not having to contend with villagers who rebelled against the governor’s public health orders.“Our police folks have been practicing community policing for many years, so if there has been an issue, generally speaking, it has been some one who is trying to intrude into the village.

“When we started the new style at the Corrales Growers’ Market, that created some controversy with some folks, until they got in the groove. Now we’re back to the traditional style with a lot of social distancing.

“But as far as people being intemperate, we’ve had some complaints about some establishments around town where people have not worn a mask, but we’ve been pretty quiet about it. The governor has given us a little more emphasis to deal with resistance so we can manage it better.

“Our hope is that people will continue to inform themselves that this isn’t a political issue, it’s a public health issue that we’re trying to deal with.

“There have been a few incidents, but I’d say that most people are trying to comply.”

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