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As the coronavirus spreads deeper into Corrales, and around New Mexico, the Village of Corrales has cancelled its planned Fourth of July parade. Mayor Jo Anne Roake announced the cancellation June 30, after saying in her June 26 “Mayor’s Message” that a modified parade would be held.

As of July 1, twenty Corralenos had come down with COVID-19. In Sandoval County the tally was 728 resulting in 29 deaths. Statewide, 12,147 people had tested positive for the disease, and rates were rising rapidly presumably caused by relaxation of measures meant to control its spread, such as gradual re-opening of businesses. Under the governor’s orders, certain closures were reinstated.

As of July 1, experts were predicting that medical research is “about one-third of the way” toward delivery of a coronavirus vaccine. “The brightest minds in the world are in this fight, and they are moving with an incredible sense of urgency,” said researcher Michelle McMurry-Heath, president of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization.

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