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Memorial Day weekend visits to the Corrales Bosque Preserve led to restrictions to prevent forest fires and the Fire Department’s lack of access to respond to emergencies. “Over the past several weeks, the Corrales Bosque parking lots at both Siphon Road and Romero Road have been filled with cars, and not all of the people in those cars have been parking in appropriate areas,” The Fire Department’s Tanya Lattin said.

“They have been blocking emergency access gates, the road, and even are parking at ‘No Parking’ signs. This has blocked emergency personnel,  animal control officers and Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District personnel from entering.” The Siphon Road parking area was improved to help eliminate the issues with cars, but people still are not following the rules, she reported. With increased activity, emergency responses have also increased and the responders must be able to get to the area.

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Lattin noted that “As we get hotter and drier, we must also be able to get fire personnel in not only to patrol, but to access the bosque if there is a fire. The Corrales police have increased their patrolling of the areas and have issued parking citations, with no improvement in the blocking of the areas.”

The Village has also received reports of gatherings of more than five people from citizens who are out enjoying the preserve as a safe place to maintain physical fitness with appropriate social distancing.   A decision was made May 19 to close the gates to the parking areas at both Siphon Road and Romero Road entrances. The Bosque Preserve itself is not closed.

Vehicles should not be parked at the two areas. Walk, ride your horse, or bicycle to one of the bosque entrances.

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