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With party primary elections behind us, will victors’campaigns leading to November rachet up vicious attacks or adopt the anti-coronavirus refrain “We’re All In This Together?”

Top-of-ticket outcomes were known before polls closed even on the East Coast, so Joe Biden will challenge Donald Trump in the general elections. While primary elections elsewhere around the country captured some Mexicans’ attention, intense focus was on which candidates will face off to take Congressman Ben Ray Lujan’s seat in Washington. And State Senator John Sapien’s seat in the Roundhouse in Santa Fe.

In the Democrats’ primary for New Mexico’s Third Congressional District, replacing Lujan, Teresa Leger Fernandez won. In the Republic primary, the race was neck-and-neck with Alexis Johnson and Harry Montoya at midnight.

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In the N.M. Senate District 9 race to fill in behind John Sapien, Democrat Brenda McKenna led with more votes than Kevin Lucero and Ben Rodefer. All three are Corrales residents.

In the Republican primary, John Clark bested Bridget Condon and Tania Dennis in late night tallies. For N.M. House District 23, incumbent Democrat Daymon Ely had no challenger, so he will face the Republican winner, Ellis McMath. Similarly, the incumbent in House District 44, Jane Powdrell-Culbert had no challenger. Only one Democrat, Gary Tripp, ran in the primary and only one Libertarian, Jeremy Myers, signed up for that race.

The Sandoval County Commission District 2 race was also a peaceful affair. Incumbent Republican Jay Block had no challenger; nor did Democrat Leah Michelle Ahkee-Baczkiewicz. Running to be the Democratic Party’s candidate for Sandoval County Clerk were Anne Brady-Romero, Bob Perls and Pete Salazar. Ahead at midnight was Brady-Romero, with Salazar and Perls trailing.

The Republican running for County Clerk, Lawrence Griego, had no challenger. In the Sandoval County Treasurer’s race, Democrat Jennifer Taylor led Ronnie Sisneros, while Benay Ward led Carlos Sanchez in the Republican primary.

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