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The People’s Choice Award for Corrales Elementary School’s submissions for this year’s “Young in Art” show was won by fourth grader Delilah Muxworthy.

The award presentations and reception that traditionally have culminated the event had to be cancelled this year due to the pandemic. But judges were still able to evaluate submissions and declare winners in each grade level.

Taking first place were:
Joseph Wesslowski, kindergarten;
Duke Brodehl, first grade;
Zoe Padilla, second grade;
Layla Jabest, third grade;
Dixie Brodehl, fourth grade; and
Odin McKeown, fifth grade.
The Principal’s Choice award went to Dixie Brodehl.

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Judges were Sandra Corless, Rick Snow, Mariana Roumel Gasteyer and Gail Tunberg. Organizer Sueanne Derr, of Frame-n-Art, said artwork would be available to be picked up at Corrales Elementqry after May 15 or when the governor’s stay-at-home order is lifted.

For this year’s competition and exhibition, four works of art were selected from each grade level, kindergarten through fifth. Subjects ranged from mermaids to pigs and colorful birds to flowing abstractions.

Among the subject matter was a fox with wings and a sleeping dragon.
Showing in this year’s exhibition were: Kindergarten: Lily McWenie, Nina Ward, Avary Werth and Joseph Wesslowski.

First grade: Duke Brodehl, Ondine Fehr, Janvi Kalsikam and Lyla Ward.
Second grade: Bellaluna Findley, Mary Grady, Elle Hanchett and Zoe Padilla.
Third grade: Annelise Daniels, Allessandra Gonzales, Layla Jabest and Devina Maestas. Fourth grade: Addilyn Blickinstaff, Dixie Brodehl, Chloe Langdon and Delilah Muxworthy. Fifth grade: Ella Burkett, Asia Chadwick, Isabella Holmberg and Odin McKeown.

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