Dear Editor:
I want to extend my heartiest congratulations to Chip, the five-month-old miniature donkey, recently announced as our new Pet Mayor.

I am pleased to note that runner-up Archie, the 12-year-old Anatolian shepherd and lab mix, did not contest the results, did not ask for a recount, undertook no legal action to contest the results, and, according to reliable reports, maintained fire hydrant hygiene.

Moreover, during the hard-fought campaign, Archie showed respect and restraint: never referring to donkey Chip as a “jackass.” Chip, civil and gracious, as well, never once referred to Archie as “Archie Bunker.”

I think all Corraleños can take pride in the Pet Mayor race, how the candidates comported themselves, and may Chip and Archie serve as examples to their two-legged friends throughout the country in future elections.
Mike Baron

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