Dear Editor:
Intel Corporation has lots of hazmat suits and protective gear. They made a fortune in New Mexico using our resources and paying no taxes. I think it’s time for Intel to step up during this pandemic crisis.
Barbara Rockwell, Placitas

Dear Editor:
I went on a rant today when I saw a protester stopping health care workers going to their jobs. An unmasked man was complaining that he can’t get a haircut!
I am a hairstylist and salon owner for over 30 years. Before we had the stay-at-home order, we closed indefinitely with great heartache on March 17. But we knew this was the right thing to do!

There is no way we can do our job safely. Mask on our clients and ourselves. We don’t know where they have been or who they were with. Or if they washed their hands, or what they touched, etc.

So how do we handle opening our doors? Okay, first for us, masks and gloves. Maybe disposable gowns over our clothes? Oh, a plastic face shield, too. So we’re ready for battlefield.

Now our clients first must wait in their car, not our waiting room chairs. Then they have a mask on and put hand sanitizer on before entering the salon. We take them to the shampoo bowl (previously sanitized) wash their hair (mask still on client, so a little awkward). They sit in our sanitized chair, we put a clean cape on for every client (more washing or get throw-away capes).

Okay, comb hair out section and start to cut… oops, mask band in the way, so client wants to help and raises his or her hand to hold the mask in place. So, I’m not comfortable with having the hand up in my face when I’m cutting front areas.
What I am saying is, unless you feel there is no problem cutting your client’s hair the way it used to be, good luck not catching this deadly virus or bringing it home to your family.

So how do you feel about opening up your business? Yes, you didn’t save for a rainy day, you lived day to day. You have a family to support. Yes, this is awkward, but so is the coronavirus.

I hope we all get through this safely, but if we open too soon, the virus will keep spreading. Be safe. Stay home until it is really safe!
Gail Mendelsohn

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