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Many diligent and generous readers responded to an appeal published in Corrales Comment’s April 11 issue seeking financial support amid the extraordinary economic collapse accompanying the global pandemic. Heartfelt thanks to all who did so.

Advertising revenues have begun to dip, as expected, since many, if not most, businesses have been stricken by coronavirus closures. In the work week ending April 17, Corrales Comment received more checks or credit card payments from loyal readers than from our advertisers!

Those gestures of support and good will were often accompanied by sympathetic comments, a few of which are published below.

“I couldn’t live without the Corrales Comment. I hope this helps a bit.”

“I am so grateful for your work at the Corrales Comment. I am a better citizen of Corrales because of the information you provide. I believe the Comment is part of the adhesive of our community, as we are made aware of our government’ actions, volunteer opportunities in the community, fun events happening, and so much more. Thank you for your dedication and expertise.”

“Thanks for keeping Corrales alive! Please accept this small donation in this time of crisis.”

“Thanks for our newspaper!”

Donations are accepted via credit card by calling the Comment office, 897-3700, or by mail to Corrales Comment, PO Box 806, Corrales NM 87948.

Thanks again.

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