With the new directive that everyone should wear a facemask to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, a villager has proposed that Corrales residents produce such coverings to be distributed free at sites around town.
“If we don’t get everybody into a facemask soon, it’s going to be devastating,” said Harry Center.
There is a sewing machine in most homes, he said, and just about any fabric can be sewn into a mask covering nose and mouth using readily available patterns. Typically they are secured with an elastic band or cloth ties.
Center, whose father ran a gas station and auto repair business in the 1970s from the building now occupied by Ex Novo Brewery, suggested the sewn masks could be left in help-yourself boxes as such locations as Village Mercantile, the Frontier Mart, the gas station or Corrales Pharmacy.
He can be reached at (505)480-1009.

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