By Lawrence Blank
Village in the Village
The Hidden Gems of Corrales
As many Corraleños know, Village in the Village is a Corrales area, non-profit, volunteer organization with the main mission of helping seniors to a fuller life and to remain living in their homes for as long as possible.

To that end, we offer these volunteer services: transportation; notification of village-wide social and educational activities; help with everyday household chores; companionship and neighborly visits (even dog walking); assistance using electronic equipment; non-medical assistance for caregivers; and respite visits.  We also provide a wide array of activities (via Zoom presently) that both educate, entertain and provide social engagement. These include our Discovery Series (covering a variety of topics presented by local experts and our own members-many of whom are experts), Movie Club, Book Club, Technical Help series, and ViV Coffee Hour.

When the pandemic is over, these activities will expand to include luncheons and happy hours in local restaurants, Music in the Home, Osher Lifelong Learning classes, and bocce competitions.  ViV is, in a rather quiet way, a very important part of this magical place we are privileged to call home. But in an even quieter way, there are businesses and individuals contributing to our sponsors/donors.  Which is exactly what I want to talk about right now.

As in the phrase “It takes a village”, it also takes many people with that quality of heartfelt kindness to enable Village in the Village to do its job. There are costs associated with providing our services that sponsors’ generous contributions are applied to, such as: subsidizing membership dues for those who cannot afford them, background checks for volunteers, sponsoring ViV events, support for our Health Equipment Library Program (HELP) program, website development and maintenance and administrative fees.

These businesses are the (mostly) hidden heroes that help fund our efforts and are very much part of ViV, providing the services so many of our members rely on to keep Corrales seniors connected to the community. The word “sponsor” does not completely describe the relationship. A better term might be “partner.” We are in partnership with the businesses that help us. We have the same goal, namely, to help others in our community who need help. We have the same community awareness, the same “we are all in this together” feeling.

The partnership aspect of the relationship involves recognition of the sponsor/donor in the ViV monthly newsletter, events calendar, website, annual report, ads in the Comment, donor/sponsor board displayed at all events, activities held at sponsor’s venues, and logos displayed on ViV Photo Friday, information brochures and brochure bookmark. What a wonderful way to be! We celebrate these people and show them support.

Who are they? They are the businesses you pass everyday as you drive through our village. They are the stores, restaurants and services we are all familiar with but didn’t necessarily know were part of the support team that makes life much more interesting and fun for the seniors in our community. And they deserve recognition in return for their selfless contributions.

These are our sponsors: Bee Hive Homes, Coldwell Banker Legacy (Larry and Judy Salas brokers), Corrales Realty (Ann Taylor broker), Fresh Bistro, Casa Vieja, Perea’s Tijuana Bar, Harris Jewelers, Roadrunner Healthcare, Frontier Mart, Cottonwood Family Medicine and Corrales Bistro. We want to make the community more aware of our sponsors and ask that you express your appreciation by doing business with them.

Blessings to all. May we all be free of suffering.
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