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Where your donations go.

Experiment in community-supported journalism comes to Corrales.

The Corrales Comment is one of the first papers in the country to offer a “pay what you can” subscription price. Subscriptions are supported by reader donations which subsidize subscriptions for students and educators at Corrales Elementary and low-income readers.

Owner and publisher Pat Davis announced the new plan in July 2022. He called it “a grand experiment in community-supported journalism.”

For those who can afford it, a new subscriber option allows readers to gift a subscription to someone else or donate above their subscription price to subsidize low-income subscriptions and new subscriptions for educators and students at Corrales Elementary beginning this fall. The Comment will also make one of its regular news boxes free for pickup for those who need that option.

Additional donations will fund stipends for local journalists to cover new topics and expand government and climate coverage.

“Good journalists deserve to be paid well for good work, but all those good stories aren’t worth much if people can’t access them to know when to attend the council meeting or turn up for a big weekend show at the gallery down the road” says Davis.


Are donations tax-deductable? No. The Comment is technically a for-profit business. We pay taxes on your donation like income, then apply the rest to subsidize subscriptions for those who need it and providing stipends for journalists to cover additional stories.

Can I earmark my donation for something specific? Sure! If you’d like to subsidize coverage of a specific topic, like local government, small business or climate coverage, you can earmark your gift for that. But, journalism ethics prohibit us from accepting funds to cover a specific story (“I want you to write about my annoying neighbor,” for example).

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