Friday, June 9, 2023

Skill Share Saturday


Albuquerque community members of all ages are invited to sign up to share a skill with multigenerational learners Saturday May 27th from 10 am to 12 pm. The Color Wheel Toys covered patio will host preschoolers, senior citizens, Gen Xers, high school students and any one else who wants to teach others something interesting they know. Want to show someone how to do a magic trick, draw your favorite character, take care of a pet turtle, tell jokes or braid hair? The possibilities are endless - get ready to show what you know!

Color Wheel Toys is looking for people ages 5 and up to show others how to do something they know how to do well! This is a confidence builder for young people and a way to share knowledge for older people. Intergenerational community involvement is important to making the ABQ area a vibrant, enjoyable place to live and meeting fellow ABQers and trading skills is a great way to get involved. This is a free all ages event - no money changes hands, making it affordable to people of all income levels. The winding, covered patio at Color Wheel Toys ( 6855 4th St NW in Los Ranchos) will make a great late May venue for a morning of shared skills and fun no cost activities. If you would like to share a skill (or you want to sign up on behalf of your child), please fill out our online form at .


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