Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Pie Walk Makes for Fun and Delicious Fundraiser


The beloved Corrales Harvest Festival is right around the corner and it's gearing up to be full of fun activities and events for the entire family.

One crowd favorite event returning to the Harvest Festival is the Pie Walk. The Pie Walk , which will be held at the Old San Ysidro Church in Corrales during the festival. Pies are donated by members of the Corrales Historical Society and other folks in the community as a fundraiser for the organization to help preserve the old church.

Last year, there were right around 100 pies donated and this year there are hopes that there will be even more.

“I've been promised more pies up front than usual. So we may have over 100,” said Carolyn O’Mara, chair of the Pie Walk committee.

Everyone is welcomed to participate in the Pie Walk, a fun and exciting way to walk away from Harvest Festival with a pie in hand.

Participants pay a $1 entry fee to join in on the Pie Walk. When it's their turn, they walk around in a circle with 10 numbered squares with their pie while music is playing. Once the music stops they stand on a square and whatever number is chosen that number wins a pie.

“They're so excited when they win a pie. Doesn't matter if they're 5 years-old or 85 years. They're always excited,” said O’Mara.

All proceeds of the Pie Walk will go to the Old Church and will be put towards funds to help the preservation and maintenance. Last year, over $1000 was raised for the Old Church along with oodles of smiles and fun.

The Pie Walk will take place during the Corrales Harvest Festival and will be held both Saturday and Sunday of the Festival until supplies last.


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